Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month 2016: 7 Products to Help Your New Pet

October 2016 is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and I can tell you from personal experience there are few things more rewarding than providing a home for a dog from a shelter or rescue, and usually, the end result is some confusion over who saved whom. Besides saving an innocent life, there are other reasons to consider adopting from shelter rather than going to a breeder. Reputable shelters will often have staff members who know their dogs personally and can suggest the best fit for your family. For instance, not all families may be right for a puppy situation but an adult dog that is housetrained might be a different story. Some dogs are good with kids and others better suited for adults only. If you’re a senior pet-parent, a less hyper dog is a better choice. Usually when adopting from a shelter they will take care of spaying or neutering, which is an important factor in diminishing the number of homeless dogs nationwide. Here are seven products recommended by TTPM Pets to help your new furry friend get better acclimated to his or her new home.
Shelter dogs are often taken in as strays or have lived in a poor environment therefore their eating habits may not be the neatest. The Bella Spill-Proof Mat from Smart Pet Love keeps your new pooch’s feeding area from becoming a sloppy mess by containing food and water in a contained bone-shaped tray that makes cleanup a snap.

Depending on age, chewing can be an issue for your new furry best friend. One of the fruits-and-veggies-inspired chew toys offered up by Planet Dog is the Orbee-tuff Artichoke. This toy is easy on the teeth and gums and can be used as a chew and indoor fetch toy. There are several different fruits and veggies in the Orbee-Tuff line and all are hollow and designed with a hole, which can be used to insert treats. Orbee-Tuff chew toys are BPA- and Phalate-free.

Unfortunately in all the excitement of the meet-and-greet at the shelter, you didn’t notice your new best buddy is a bit of a shedder. A lifesaver in its own right is the Furminator, which gently removes loosened hair before it gets on your floors or furniture. Using this miracle comb on a regular basis will keep your home from becoming a furry, hairy mess.

Having a comfy place to call their own is important to make your new four-legged friends feel more secure. The Go Dog Bedzzz from Worldwise are hybrid beds that provide comfort anywhere you go and are made with the durable patented Chew Guard Technology. The Go Dog Bedzzz can also be use inside standard-sized crates should crate training be in your future.

Shelter dogs are used to the sounds and smells of being around other dogs so when they are brought into your quiet home, it takes time for them to adjust especially if you’ve adopted a puppy. The Snuggle Puppy from Smart Pet Love aids in comforting your new pal with warmth and a realistic heartbeat that could help aid your new furbaby’s adjustment to life outside of the shelter.

There is no doubt that you will want to share photos of your newest family member on social media but getting a dog to sit still and pose is next to impossible. Help get that perfect shot with the Pooch Selfie from Clever Dog Products, a simple accessory that holds a squeaky ball and snaps onto your cell phone. When you go to take the shot, your dog’s attention will be on the ball long enough to give you a terrific image to share with your friends and family.

Not everything about being a dog mom or dad is pleasant, such as picking up your dog’s poop, which is not only considerate to your neighbors but necessary to help deter the spread of disease. Having a supply of doggy waste bags is important but who says you can’t have a little fun, even with this unpleasant task? Check out the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Smear Campaign Poop Bags from Metropaws. Each bag features an image of either the “Repooplican” or “Democraptic” presidential candidate so you can gleefully rub your least favorite’s face in you know what.

Although nothing is more important to a newly adopted dog then the attention and care from their new dog mom or doggie dad, these seven products can help ease their transition from the shelter to your safe home. To see more pet product reviews, visit TTPM Pets.

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