Best Baby Halloween Costumes for 2016

It’s that time of the year when pumpkin patches come to life and all the little witches and wizards roam the neighborhood looking for treats. Halloween season is upon us and while your sweet baby might not understand what’s happening, parents know that their little one is just too boo-tiful to skip the costume.

For baby’s first Halloween, there’s no shortage of characters or themes to choose from in 2016. From movies such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Minions, and Finding Dory, to classic tried-and-true baby costumes such as ghosts and goblins, we’ve hand-selected some whimsical, silly and sweet costumes for your bouncing bundle of joy. Here are some of our favorite Halloween baby costume picks that are good mixes of both tricks and treats!


Of course baby’s first Halloween would not be complete without the classic Pumpkin costume. Your munchkin dressed as an orange pumpkin is the photo that will make your first Halloween memory as adorable as ever. This two-piece costume features a cushy pumpkin body onesie and a hat to top it off. Photos for grandparents are a must!



It’s tough to choose a favorite Minion, but we pick Stuart for this year’s Halloween trend. This one-eyed yellow, banana-loving Minion has stolen our hearts from the moment he said, “Buddies” in the Minions film. This two-piece costume is a comfy and warm fleece jumper and hat. Velcro snaps along the legs make it easy for quick diaper changes. The hat certainly will keep your baby’s head warm during the cool Halloween season.

Finding Dory

How about a costume theme for the whole family?

Hot off the heels of this year’s summer blockbuster Finding Dory, we have the Nemo costume from the Disney Store for your baby. Mom can be Dory and dad can go as a shark (remember dad, fish are friends—not food). The Nemo baby costume is easy to clip on with Velcro clasps and a soft stuffed belly. The best part: there’s a squeaker in the fin. The hat is detachable for added comfort.

The Dory costume for mom is a quick slip-on tunic with padded sides. This blue-and-yellow detailed costume will certainly match your little swimmer as you help them traverse the neighborhood for candy.

Dad’s the friendliest looking shark this side of the Atlantic. This one-piece soft grey-and-white shark costume slips on right over your clothing making it easy to take on and off while collecting your candy loot.

Be sure to take a picture of your aquatic family so you can cherish the moment forever.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Protect the neighborhood from Shredder with the Spirit Halloween-exclusive Baby Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coverall costume. Perfect for your little ninja, this one-piece, zip-up costume has chest and turtle shell details along with printed graphics on the arms and legs. This comfortable coverall comes with four color felt masks to choose from: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.


How about getting your four-legged babies involved in the season as well? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pet costume is a perfect fit. This great costume for dogs is available in various sizes to fit your canine. Velcro snaps make this easy to get your pet into the suit, and it’s comfy enough that they won’t try to bite it off. The streets on All Hallow’s Eve will be safe with both of your heroes in their half-shells walking around.



When Halloween season comes around, it means one thing, winter is coming. To take your Game of Thrones fandom to another level, why not get the baby in on the fantasy? While we can’t all be Jon Snow, baby can be the next best thing. The Dinky Dragon baby costume brings the excitement with cute details like big dragon eyes, a spiked tail, and wings. This zippered jumpsuit has snaps on the legs for easy diaper changing. Booties can be taken off when outside and have skid-resistant bottoms for indoors.



How about this Panda Costume from EGELEXY. This functions as both a cute Halloween costume and a fleece snow suit for winter wear. The flannel, padded, one-piece romper has an attached hood for warmth and is footless. How adorable would it be to see a baby panda crawling toward you every day for the ultimate treat?



A hand-knitted costume for baby’s first Halloween is a sweet keepsake to celebrate this season. JISEN makes hand-knit baby costumes that are too cute to choose from. We especially love the Lion costume for infants. This two-piece costume includes a head and body piece and is one of our favorites. JISEN also makes additional designs such as a mermaid, turtle, ladybug, and more.


Ghouls and goblins have met their cute matches this Halloween season. With mom, dad, and your cuddly little newborn, there won’t be any tricks for baby this year, just sweet costumed treats. Head over to TTPM for even more Halloween costumes!

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