FURminator Review (Furminator)

What It Is
The FURminator is a dog grooming device that looks like kind of a comb with very small teeth. The teeth are made from stainless steel and the sure-grip handle is plastic and rubber. The idea is to comb your dog's fur at an angle and the FURminator with remove excess shedding hair without cutting your dog's hair or hurting his skin. There is a tab at the top of the comb allowing you to release the hair on the comb with one hand and continue de-shedding your dog. FURminator says that with regular use, you will decrease the amount of pet hair in your home by 90%. 
Why Is It Useful?
The FURminator works well on dogs that shed excessively. All dogs shed their seasonal coats at least two times per year and some just continue throughout the entire year. The FURminator lets you get a head start on the flying fur. With regular use, the FURminator will cut down on the amount of dog hair that accumulates in your home. It's fairly easy to use and if your dog doesn't mind being brushed or combed then he shouldn't mind this either. The tab on the top of the FURminator allows you to jettison the built up hair with one hand makes it easy to hold onto your dog while you are de-shedding him.
Who It’s For
This is for all dogs that shed. The FURminator comes in different sizes and styles for different size dogs as well as dogs with longer or shorter hair.
What To Be Aware Of
Always keep the FURminator in its protective cover. Do not use on wet dogs. Do not press down while combing as this might irritate or scratch your dog's skin. The FURminator is available in different sizes and for different length hair.
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