Box Office: Minions Mangle Tonto

Welcome back from the long holiday weekend! I’m extending the holiday by taking the week off and heading out on vacation with my family but I couldn’t resist checking in to see how the two new movies did over the weekend. Despicable Me 2 clobbered The Lone Ranger! The totals below are for the weekend (July 5 – 7) but when you factor in the early openings, the numbers are even more impressive. Despicable Me 2 took in $142,076,000 and The Lone Ranger earned $48,936,000. Wow!

You can read our full review of Despicable Me 2 and check out our reviews of the toys for the movie by clicking here.

As I mentioned last week, while the outlook for The Lone Ranger looked questionable, we have been seeing some great toys, especially from LEGO, based on the movie. You can see those toys and get our reviews for them by clicking here.

Here are The Top 10 for the weekend of July 5 – 7, 2013:

1. Despicable Me 2 ($82,518,000)
2. The Lone Ranger ($29,432,000)
3. The Heat ($25,000,000)
4. Monsters University ($19,590,000)
5. World War Z ($18,200,000)
6. White House Down ($13,500,000)
7. Man of Steel ($11,415,000)
8. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain ($10,100,000)
9. This is the End ($5,800,000)
10. Now You See Me ($2,770,000)

New Movies in bold.

Figures from Box Office Mojo

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