Throwing a Patio Painting Party

When you want to throw an awesome birthday bash for your child, take it outside and host a patio painting party! No, it’s not what you think. This is not a party where you get the neighborhood kids to perform free labor by painting your patio. I’m talking about an outdoor extravaganza where you can create birthday memories to last a lifetime—and it all fits inside a terra cotta flower pot.

The project at this party will involve kids decorating flower pots and planting seeds of their choice in the pots. The kids take the pots home (and hopefully) the project yields beautiful flowers.


Materials Needed

In addition to furniture drop cloths and table coverings, here are some of the basics that you’ll need for the party:

•One small terra cotta pot per child
•Planting soil and spoons to act as a “shovel”
•Flower seeds in different varieties
•Paints and brushes
•Watering can to water the newly planted seeds

Have the kids paint their designs on the pots as soon as the party gets started. Set them aside to dry while you continue with the party. As the final activity before your guests leave, have the kids plant the seeds of their choice in their pots. Finally, water them before they head out the door.

You can create little flower cards beforehand to give your guests that include care instructions and fun facts about the particular flower they should expect based on their seed selection.

When planning this party here are a few things to keep in mind:

You can purchase custom invitations or print out your own designs. Make sure to include enough information about the party so the kids (and their parents) know they’re in for a paint-themed treat! Easels, paintbrushes, or even random splashes of color on the invitation should do the trick. But also be specific so parents know that the kids will be involved in a messy activity.

One way to weave the paint theme through your décor is by using “paint palettes” as plates. You can purchase plastic ones at a local art supply store. This will make for festive eating during the party and easy cleanup after the party.

Party Favors
Create small favors and give each child their own kit to take home. Another option is to incorporate the favor into the party’s project.

•Painting Smock/T-shirt
•Planting Gloves
•Small Shovel
•Watering Can

Even if you choose to lend guests your own shirts and planting utensils (simple spoons work as shovels) for use during the party, they will still have their hand-painted pots to take home at the end of the celebration.


Angelo Digangi, a Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago area, is a regular Home Depot blog contributor on outdoor décor projects and products. His interests range from providing homeowners tips on flower seeds to discussing the latest trends in outdoor patio furniture.

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