Barbie Remains a California Girl

Final_Photo_Release_Image_2013_Dreamhouse_w_It’s official! Barbie will remain in Malibu and renovate her Dreamhouse. Earlier this year, Barbie put her Dreamhouse up for sale with celebrity realtor Josh Altman. While we are sure that Barbie received numerous offers—all cash and all above asking price, of course—she ultimately decided that she is a California girl at heart. She is keeping her iconic piece of luxury real estate.

Over the past year, Barbie travelled the world to find the perfect place to call home. She toured the trendy streets of New York City, experienced the cultural charm of Paris, and even enjoyed the rugged Australian outback. Despite her amazing international adventures, Barbie will continue to call the beachside city of Malibu her official hometown.

Barbie renovated her Dreamhouse, incorporating inspiration from her travels. Her newly refurbished Dreamhouse has three stories and six rooms, complete with unmatched ocean views. You didn’t really believe she would give up those ocean views, did you?

For the Barbie fans in your life, here is this year’s Barbie ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’ Dreamhouse on

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