Hosting a Nerf Rebelle Birthday Party for Tweens


Need a birthday party theme for your active girl and her friends? The Nerf Rebelle line makes for a perfect birthday party activity. There are tons of Rebelle blasters, bows, and accessories we’ve reviewed on, but one that is perfect for a birthday party is the Nerf Rebelle Power Pair. It’s a two-pack set of mini-blasters with four foam darts. This set serves double duty at the party. The host can create an array of games around the blaster and then girls can take one home as a party favor.

Here are some ideas to create your own Nerf Rebelle-themed birthday party:

• Be stylish. Use the fashion-forward pink and purple Rebelle color palette as your inspiration: cupcakes can be color-coordinated with bright frosting; the outfit of the birthday girl can be made to match; you can even ask the guests to arrive dressed in certain colors. Purple team versus pink, anyone?

• Be a blast. Create games such as a treasure hunt where girls have to hit targets to uncover clues or items. Another option is pairing off in teams for some good old fashioned aim-and-shoot foam-fun warfare. Instead of the old Pin The Tail on the Donkey game, set up targets of various sizes for the girls to hit. Give homemade award certificates or ribbons to the best shots!

• Be prepared. Make sure to have a lot of extra darts that pair with Nerf Rebelle by stocking up on refill packs. If the guests are running around in the heat, have plenty of ice water or sports drinks on hand so they can stay hydrated.

• Be safe. Some Rebelle products come with Vision Gear safety glasses, but it’s a good idea to make sure all the guests are covered. Make a note on the party invitation reminding the girls to bring a pair of safety goggles, glasses, or, in a pinch, oversized sunglasses. Make a firm rule to never aim at anyone’s face—or at pets and very young siblings—and, of course, have fun!

As Hasbro says, “Play Like a Girl!”

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