20 Products to Help You Get Ready for Baby

Congrats soon to be parents! You are expecting a sweet babe who will light up your life and is going turn your world upside down! You have that expectant parent glow and are seeing the world through rose colored glasses, but you are also probably stressed about what to buy in terms of baby gear to be ready for the new arrival, who is about to take over your world.

There are few essentials you need which will get you through the first few months. We’ve taken the guesswork out by picking out a few of our favorite baby items this season. Here are the top 20 picks for a ‘one stop baby gear shop, which will have you ready and prepped for your new child.


Mamas and Papas Armadillo stroller

1. Stroller – The Mamas and Papas Armadillo stroller is for birth up to 50 pounds. This is a compact stroller with a deep seat to keep your child comfortable. A one handed fold makes this convenient for parents.


Hilo Chair from Joovy

2. High Chair – The Hilo Chair from Joovy offers great design, practicality and grows with your babe. Just a quick flip of the chair transforms this from baby to toddler high chair.


Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One

3. Baby Carrier – The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One is great for bonding with baby during the early months. This classic carrier will grow with your baby through the toddler stages for baby wearing fun.


4. Car Seat – This Baby Trend Inertia infant car seat has the LATCH system for easy installment in your car as well as a controlled motion base, which responds upon impact by rotating upright to distribute the impact.


5. Diaper Bag – The Caprice Diaper Bag from JJ Cole mixes fashion and function for an all around fab diaper bag. The zip top and wide opening along with multiple pockets make organizing all your baby’s needs easy.


6. Bottles – This Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set gives you everything you need for bottle-feeding. Joovy Boob bottles have the Clean Flow Vent System, which prevents airflow when feeding.


7. Diaper pail – The Ubbi Diaper Pail stands out from the crowd because it’s made of steel. Steel does not absorb odor or foster bacteria; this diaper pail will keep your nursery smelly like a ‘ clean’ baby’s bottom.


8. BathtubUpanaway’s Blooming Bath Plush Baby Bath is the cutest bathtub for infants. It’s also very practical; the petals of the bloom fold in just the right way to support your baby while getting a bath in the sink. This is great for those early months when babies are so little and fragile.


9. Baby monitor – The Talk and Soothe Digital Video Monitor allows the parent to see, hear and speak to baby without even being in the room.


10. Thermometer – The Temporal Artery Thermometer from Exergen allows you to scan your child’s forehead to take their temperature. It’s easy and efficient for both baby and parent.


11. Playmat – This Discover the World Playmat from Tiny Love is quilted and colorful with lots of textures and friendly creatures to explore.


12. Sleep swing – The Fisher-Price Snugamonkey Special Edition Cradle ‘n Swing helps baby sleep especially during those first few months. With music and nature sounds, this swing hugs the baby and keeps them snug while rocking them to sleep.


13. Baby Bouncer – The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft is a sleek bouncer, which folds up flat for storage. It’s supportive and comfortable for baby while taking up minimal space in the home.


14. Tummy Time play – The Mombo Standard Pillow from bright starts acts as a breast feeding pillow, supporting baby and tummy time pillow. This dual sided pillow has a soft and firm side to fit your needs. A vibrating insert soothes fussy babies.


15. Stroller blankets – This trendy and cozy baby blanket keeps baby cozy and mama looking stylish.


16. Activity Toys – The flexiplay from Tiny love is an innovative new toy, which bends and twists to create fun twisty shapes. This is great for tummytime or just creating a tunnel for babies to crawl through. Textured surfaces make this a fun activity toy for babies.


17. Teething toys – These whimsical ABC Teething Letters from Mayapple are super cute and made with the highest grade of silicone.


18. Floor seat – The Baby Snug Floor Seat from Mamas and Papas helps baby sit upright because of ample back support. The removable tray makes dining easy.


19. Baby Rattle – This Organic Rainbow Bunny Rattle from Pebble is a sweet take along companion for your baby.


20. Sleep Toys – This Twinkling Firefly Frog from cloub B is a sweet plush while also doubling as a nighttime crib companion. Parents can opt in our out of the music and nighttime bugs chirping feature by only letting his tummy twinkly through the night. It’s a soft nightlight and musical friend for baby.

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