Temporal Artery Thermometer

from Exergen

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Product Information

  • Temporal Artery Thermometer from Exergen
  • We recommend this product for ages Birth and up
  • 1 9-volt battery required TTPM Is Always On With

What It Is

The Temporal Artery Thermometer aims to make taking your child's temperature easier. To use it, remove the protective cap and press the probe flat on the center of the forehead. Press and hold the scan button and slide the thermometer across the forehead to the hairline. Once you're there, release the scan button and remove the thermometer to read the measurement. The Temporal Artery Thermometer measures the core body temperature, which is comparable to using a rectal thermometer though much less invasive.

Why Is It Useful?

If this thermometer is as accurate as it is easy to use, we're sold. Taking kids' temperatures can be difficult, especially when they're squirming infants or toddlers, but because this thermometer is non-invasive, it's easier to get a quick reading and it can be used on your child when he or she is sleeping. It seems to give us an accurate temperature reading, but we haven't tested it on sick children.

Who It’s For

The Temporal Artery Thermometer can be used for all ages.

What To Be Aware Of

The Temporal Artery Thermometer includes one 9V battery.

If your child is sweating and her forehead feels damp, there's an alternate way to use this thermometer behind the ear lobe.


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