DohVinci Back to School Celebration

Hi, it’s Jessica from Everyday Party Magazine, and I am thrilled to share my Back to School celebration using DohVinci products!

My boys and nephew love school, and by the end of summer, they are ready to go back to school to see their friends and teachers. Even though we all love summer, we also need the transition back to schedules and routine.

Generally, I shop for most of the boys’ school supplies without them and put it all together in new pencil boxes and folders for them. Then I let them help me label it all and pack it into their backpacks. This year, we hosted a small back-to-school art party for the boys and my nephew, and their new supplies were their party favors!

DohVinci 1

The party was small and simple, and totally budget-friendly! I served snacks, juice, and cupcakes, because as Julia Child said, “A party without cake is just a meeting!” The snacks were traditional preschool snacks that my guys still love, Goldfish Crackers, ants on a log with chocolate chip ants, and apple sauce cups. I placed the snacks on books and wooden blocks on a table with a simple blackboard backdrop. Fun, festive, simple, and affordable—my favorite type of party set-up!

Since the party was an art party, I covered the boys’ table in white butcher paper and put crayons, paints, and DohVinci Deco Pops and Styler tools on the table. The Styler tool comes with three colors of Deco Pop and tips to make shapes. My kids cannot get enough of it, and I earned Aunt of the Year when I sent my nephew home with his very own set. The adults love DohVinci because it is so easy to clean up.

DohVinci 2

I let the kids play and be creative together for most of the party. However, I did have the kids decorate small tags for their teachers’ back-to-school gifts. The DohVinci Styler tool allowed the boys to decorate the tags with perfect little flowers, and they are so excited to give their teachers a small bouquet of flowers! I made the tags with a store-bought hangtag, and handwrote the poem on it.

DohVinci 3

I hope you are inspired to host a small back-to-school party with your favorite school-age kiddos, too!

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