Trio Building System

By Jim Silver

As I’ve previously written, the Construction category is a very hot category in the toy business. From Lego having another banner year, to the great early success of Halo Wars from Mega brands, kids have rediscovered building toys.

There’s a new player entering the market this year, as Fisher-Price has entered the building category with Trio. The Trio building system is specially designed to make building easier for even the smallest of hands. Three “grow with me” building levels make building a snap. Kids can feel and hear the click when they’ve connected the building pieces and the pieces will stay together throughout play, only coming apart when kids are ready to take them apart.

When I first saw Trio a year ago, my initial thought was “do we need another building system”? However, after personally playing with the blocks, and watching kids play with Trio and not wanting to stop, I’ve realized Trio is different and a welcome addition that younger kids will enjoy playing with.

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