Nintendo: Wii Price Drop, Sports Bundle & More

by Jeff McKinney

new-super-mario-bros-wiiI’ve got several Nintendo nuggets to share with you this week starting with the news of a price drop for the Wii. Effective a couple of days ago, the Wii has dropped it’s retail price from $250 to $200. The uber-popular game system still comes with a motion-sensing Wii Remote controller, Nunchuk controller and Wii Sports game.

Speaking of Wii Sports, the latest addition to the Sports line, Wii Sports Resort–the game that utilizes the incredible MotionPlus accessory–will be sold with two MotionPlus units for $60. The game is normally sold with one unit for $50 with individual MotionPlus units selling for $20 so you will save $10 with this new bundle. The game plus two-unit bundle pack will be available starting October 12 for a limited time.

Finally, Nintendo has announced a release date for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the first Super Mario Bros game for the Wii and first Mario Bros game to allow multiple people to play together. Look for the game in stores on November 15 and check out the video game reviews section on for the full review on the same day.

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