Video Game Review: World of Zoo

Every week, Time To Play’s Jeff McKinney, reviews a game that your family, friends and you will love to play.

This week’s game is World Of Zoo from THQ.

Here’s an exert from the review:

“Virtual Pet games have come a long way since the first Tamagotchi pets arrived in our pockets. While Tamagotchis are still around and getting more sophisticated all the time (best feature, the pause button so mom and dad don’t have to babysit), the current trend in virtual pets is bringing the pets out of pockets and onto game systems. Nintendogs revolutionized the category when it launched on the DS and now World of Zoo brings the long-running craze to the living room. Like all virtual pets, World of Zoo requires you to care for and raise an animal. However, this time there is a whole zoo full of animals.”

You can read the full review in our Video Game Review section by clicking here!

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