Football, Doritos and Madden NFL Contest

UPDATE!! The page to vote for the Madden NFL 11 cover-athlete is now officially up. Once there you have three athletes to choose from: Reggie Wayne (Colts), Drew Brees (Saints) and Jared Allen (Vikings).

Do you like football? What about Doritos? If you enjoy both of these national past-times then why not have your voice heard in selecting the cover-athlete for the next Madden NFL video game? That’s the premise of a new Doritos promotion set to launch tomorrow (February 4, 2010).

Specially marked bags of Doritos are in stores now but it doesn’t look like you need a unique code or even have to buy the Doritos to vote for the cover athlete.

The contest officially gets under way tomorrow so huddle up with your family and decide who you want to be on the next Madden NFL cover then check out that website. In addition to selecting the athlete, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win some cool sounding prizes like a trip to the NFL Draft!

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