Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day for me evokes memories of making tissue box mailboxes and trying to eat all of the sugary goodness that came with cute pictures of cats on tiny cards before getting home from school. These days kids give and get more than just the tiny cards with witty sayings on them and a piece of candy. Many kids are passing out things like pencils, erasers and small toys.

When trying to think of something for my kids to pass out for Valentine’s Day, I try to think of what I would want my kids to bring home. Do they really want 27 pencils? Do they need 14 lollipops? What is even in that taffy-like substance that comes in pink and white and wrapped in wax paper that always seems to get pushed aside for something chocolaty and yummy?

Here are some ideas for your kids Valentine’s that will sure to make them the envy of the class.

1. Photo cards with lollipops. If you are on, you’ve surely seen these. You take a picture of your child with their fist stretched out towards the camera. Print them on card stock in 3″ x 4″ and then cut a small slit above and below their hands. Slide a small lollipop in and Viola! The card looks like your child is “handing” their Valentine a lollipop. It’s truly adorable and sure to be the hit of the class.

2. Think small. Toys that is. Buy a couple packs of Ickee Stickeez, Trash Pack or even Squinkies. You can write a cute saying associated with it, such as, “I’m ‘stuck’ on you” and tie an Ickee Stickeez to the card. Or maybe, “You are MARVELous” and attach a Marvel Brand Squinkies character. Have your child help you come up with the sayings and print them on card stock. It’s a quick and cute idea. Check out newest Valentine’s day toy reviews before buying online.

3. Many larger stores carry pre-made Valentines. You can buy those and give them a bit more of the “WOW factor” by adding a snack-sized bag of goodies along with it. If your child loves the Mario Brothers and you’ve found some great pre-made cards, add some red and green candies to the bag for Mario & Luigi. If Star Wars is a hit in your house, use those cards and add some pretzel sticks dipped in colored candy melts for mini light sabers. My Little Pony cards would be great paired with some colored marshmallows as the Pony’s food.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. If you’ve made some great Valentines, or seen some come from your child’s friends, share them below!

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