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Valentine's Day Toy Reviews

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Valentine's Day is around the corner, which means the hunt is on for the perfect present. Why not consider a charming stuffed animal? They're one of the most popular—and appreciated—presents for gifts for the most romantic holiday of the year. And TTPM has you covered. Whether a cuddly character for a human or a furbaby, we have the Valentine's toys that will make a big hit.

Click any of the toys below or use the sorting options on the left to find video reviews and help ensure you buy the right gift. The videos cover everything from how snuggly a stuffed animal is to how sweet the candy can be in an edible option. When you use TTPM reviews, you can see the real deal on toys, so you can always know you're making the right choice.

When you're ready to buy, you'll see where the toys you want are in stock at top retailers and you'll find the best price with our exclusive TTPM Price Check. Finding the perfect gift for your Valentine has never been easier when you use TTPM.

Plus, whenever you're shopping for holiday toys, you'll want to check TTPM first for the latest and most appealing!

Shopkins Valentine's Day Plush

Shopkins Valentine's Day Plush

from Moose Toys $9.98

Interesting Facts about Valentine's Toy and Gift Shopping

In recent years, Valentine's Day has been breaking records in gift spending. Nearly $19 billion was spent in the U.S. in 2015, according to the National Retail Federation. So for many people the pressure is on as they try to find the best Valentine's present for a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or a child. This special mid-Winter day has emerged as a major gift-giving holiday.

According to the US Census Bureau, the most popular Valentine's Day gift is candy. That's no surprise candy; there's nothing like the heart filled box of chocolate candy. Coming in second and third are flowers and gift cards. Where TTPM can help is with the fourth most popular gift to give your Valentine: stuffed animals. In fact, 21% of all gift givers give their Valentines a cute and cuddly friend to remember the day. And whether your Valentine is romantic, a traditionalist or even a pet lover; TTPM has selected a list of some of the most appealing stuffed animals we've found this year.

And if you want more ideas for holiday shopping, come back often for great ideas to make any time more play full!

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