Stay on Track for the Holidays

As I sit here struggling with a slight case of writer’s block, staring at the pack of P90X DVDs sitting next to my laptop, it finally hits me… I need to remind myself how much I need to stay motivated to continue on in my workout program, through the holidays, through all the yummy meals, and desserts, and the fact that my workout buddies are traveling for the holidays. Yes, I need to stay motivated and stay on track… and I’m sure that I’m not alone in this. Come on, you know you need to keep up your fitness routine too! How about we do it together? How? Keep reading!

I’ve been working out with local friends for several weeks now. P90X is just one program I’ve been working on. I’ve also been working on my running. I recently ran a 5K for the first time ever. It was tough, but I was kept going by the encouragement of a very dear friend. When one of us fell back, the other kept motivating. When we saw each milestone, we kept pushing each other to run, not walk through it. We got each other through that race.

Working out with friends is so much more fun than working out on your own. Why? For me, it’s all about accountability and laughter. If you have to do some silly yoga pose that you’d never even think of doing in a class, or you’d scoff at it if you saw some video suggest you try it at home, all alone… You can try it with your friends. After all, if your friend looks just as silly as you do, who’s going to say anything? You may both just fall over laughing after you’ve at least given it a good try, right? There. Fun! As far as accountability goes…so many at home workouts are started and never completed because people get lazy. If I don’t have to tell anyone I didn’t work out, then I won’t feel so bad. No. Find people to be accountable to. Keep a daily journal. Share it with the world. Sure… Find an online community! Or come to my personal blog where we can share our accomplishments and frustrations together! If you all come by, then I guess I’ll have to keep writing about my stuff, won’t I? Play sports toys with your kids. Whatever you do… Stay active during the holidays!

Nutrition is key. How many times has that been said? Well, it’s true. Don’t deprive yourself of the yummy food and treats this holiday season. Just remember to monitor how much of it you eat. Drink a lot of water through out the day. Use a smaller plate when you eat the meals. What your eyes see can fool your stomach. When you serve yourself, put veggies on half of the plate and on the other half, split it between your protein and carbs. When it comes to dessert, eat a small slice of pie, not two slices. Everything in moderation right?!?

I hope that these ideas will help you out this holiday season. I know I’m going to be working on my blog posts much more often. I have two months left to get myself in proper shape for a half marathon… I have a lot of work to do!!!

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