TTPM Spring Showcase Blog

We recently held our TimetoPlay Spring Showcase on April 27th in NYC at the Altman. If you missed it you can see some pictures on our site as well as highlights in our Video Center.

People think of new toys for the holiday season. However, some of the hottest toys are introduced early in the year. Zhu Zhu Pets were launched last year in June. Only a couple of years ago, Bakugan was launched in February and went on to become the year’s hottest toy.

At this year’s event, everyone had first look at Kung Zhu, the new hamsters for boys from the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets. Needless to say, they were a big hit! We also showed many of the new movie toys, from Iron Man to Toy Story 3 to The A Team.

As the warmer weather has been creeping in, we also showcase many new toys for outdoor play. As I love to say to my kids, off the couch and do something outside!

It was a great day for all who attended, but more importantly, it looks like a very exciting toy season more movies and outdoor play.

Check out the latest showcase (Most Wanted Toys) and toy awards by!

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