Time to Play: Spring Gardening

Last spring, we transformed our backyard into a play and relaxation space for our family. We hadn’t done much with the yard other than make sure we had green grass and space. In Florida, you can begin to sow your seeds as early as February or March, so we got busy and started getting our yard ready for a nice place the entire family could enjoy.

Since the space was for everyone, we decided to let everyone get involved in the process. The kids enjoy gardening, so the idea was to let them choose what they wanted to plant and help grow. The kids were thrilled to have something that they could call their own and take care of from start to finish.

After we laid out a basic plan as to what we wanted the new backyard to look like, we took a trip to the nursery and picked out all of the greenery. When we got home, the kids potted their plants, watered them, and fed them fertilizer. Meanwhile, we worked on the big plants, shrubs, and small trees that were delivered. Before you knew it, we had spent an entire afternoon outside with no electronics.

It took us three weekends to complete our backyard redo, but we had so much fun doing it. We took plenty of breaks to play and run around in the yard. We spent one afternoon perfecting our Frisbee skills more than gardening.

Even though it’s been a year since the backyard has been completed, I’m reminded how important it is to have a devoted space inside and outside of the home for your children to play. We are outside more checking on our plants or just playing catch or soccer. If I want to relax or work while the kids play, I now have a comfy couch and brightly colored rug to match.

For this spring, we hope to buy a nice pergola and lay down some stones. I look forward to the whole family staying active as the weather continues to warm up.

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