NYC Playground Summer Toys

By Kimberly Coleman,
There is nothing quite like city playgrounds. They are an entirely different animal than the suburban playgrounds that I grew up on. There is a lot of craziness and chaos, but along with that comes a lot of fun for the kids. Since most city kids don’t have backyards, city parks and playgrounds fill that role. This is where you will see the kids running and playing in order to release their pent-up energy from being cooped up inside the close quarters of home, school and such. It is also the place to see the hottest toys on display. Over the last week or so, I have been observing the warm-weather toys that the city kids are enjoying in addition to the slides, swings and jungle gyms. Below, are the top five:

1. Bubbles: It turns out that simple bubbles are synonymous with outdoor fun regardless of physical location.

2. Balls: Like bubbles, balls are a playground staple. There are kids playing with all types of balls including basketballs and handballs. Lately, I have been taking a Maui Toys’ Sky Ball to the neighborhood playground and many of the kids have a blast seeing who can bounce it the highest.

3. Water toys: There is usually a sprinkler at each playground. Water balloons and water buckets (to douse the slides…and one another) are the two most popular water accessories at the playgrounds that I have visited.

4. Sidewalk chalk: I don’t know if the kids are supposed to use it on public sidewalks or not, but sidewalk chalk is a staple.

5. Ride-on toys: You will see the occasional pair of skates or rollerblades depending on the playground. However, bikes and scooters – of all colors and styles – are a mainstay. As such, I’m especially excited for my oldest son to try out the Street Surfing’s Whiplash Scooter this summer. I know that he will love it.

If you are a city parent, is there a popular toy in your area that I missed?

*Disclosure: I have received the Sky Ball and Whiplash Scooter to review in the past.

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