Family Fitness Through Play

By Tiffany Bowen

It’s January, and that means many moms and dads are working on their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. Why not make it a family effort? It’s never too early to introduce a healthy lifestyle to children. Use meal planning as a springboard to discuss healthy food options. Let them choose new fruits and vegetables to sample. When you instill an appreciation for healthy eating in your child it will stay with them as they grow. In our overweight and unhealthy society it’s very important to plant the seeds of healthy eating from that first spoonful!

Include your children in your exercise resolutions as well. Kids have an innate desire to move their bodies, as any parent knows. Take advantage of that to keep you moving and on track for fitness. Not only will you be improving your family’s health, but you’ll also increase your family’s fun!

Here are some ways to include your kids in your fitness resolutions:

  1. Wii

If your family has a Wii, there are many family-friendly games that will get everyone off the couch and jumping, dancing and laughing.

  1. Family Walks

Go on regular family walks around your neighborhood. Don’t let the chilly winter weather stop you! As long as it’s not too cold everyone can bundle up.

  1. Snow Fun

Take advantage of snow days! Build snowmen, have snowball fights, dig tunnels and make forts!

  1. Play Active Board Games

There are quite a few family-friendly games that require you to move around. Check out Elefun, Cranium Hullabaloo or Twister and get moving!

  1. Good Old Fashioned Floor Play

You can always sneak in some great strength training using your younger children as weights! Lifting, carrying and wrestling with them will get your muscles working and them giggling!

Make this year’s resolutions a family effort and everyone will benefit. You’ll increase your family’s fitness while enjoying quality family time.

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