Beach Bum Baby Essentials

By Tara Bucci,

It’s that time of year again and families all over are heading to the beach. We head to the shore every weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Yes, I confess, I’m a confirmed beach bum but have realized that heading to the beach with your baby is a lot more work than heading there with just your husband or significant other. Before heading to the sand with your little ones in tow, plan an agenda. Having all the essentials and baby toys is a great way to make the day on the beach a happy and healthy one. First things first, make sure to lather your children with sunscreen about a half hour to an hour before you head out into the sun. This allows the sunscreen to penetrate the skin and begin to work. Applying every two hours after the first application is recommended by the professionals. Below is a list of my top five beach baby must haves to make your day at the beach a more enjoyable, relaxing and memorable one.

Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen

  • I have been using this Coppertone Water Babies ever since Isabella was a baby. With SPF 70+, I have NEVER had a problem with sunburn. I apply it to Isabella’s full body (yes, even under the body parts that are covered by her suit) before and while at the beach or pool. This is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand that rubs in easily. It’s easy on your baby’s skin, no tears while applying around those sensitive eyes and best of all tough on those harmful sun rays.

Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers

  • I have used a couple of swim diapers and these Huggies Swim Diapers are by far my favorite. While at the pool or at the beach these Huggies Little Swimmers are a baby beach essential. These Little Swimmers have a unique absorbent material that won’t swell in the water and special leak guards to help with any accidents. The sides are stretchy for a comfortable fit and best of all tear away sides to make mom’s life a whole lot easier during changing time.

UV Protected Sun Umbrella

  • My in-laws have an umbrella they have used for years down the shore. Being a first time mom, I thought being under any umbrella would protect us from the sun. After realizing I was getting a little red, I did some research and found out the umbrella they have had for years was not UV protected. That’s when I went out and bought a UV protected sun umbrella.

UV Skinz Bathing Suits

  • As a mom protection is key when heading to the pool or at the beach. The solar system is getting worse by the minute and the UV rays are stronger and stronger. Knowing Isabella and I were going to be spending the weekends on the beach I was looking for a bathing suit with full coverage. UVSkinz came to the rescue. With UPF 50+ UV protection woven into the fabric, it gives me piece of mind when Isabella is running around in the sun.

Lil’ Nursery Tent

  • Before Isabella could walk, we would place Isabella in this Lil’ Nursery Tent while on the beach. It was UV treated with SPF 30 and it kept Isabella fully protected from the sun coming from any direction. It was big enough for me to go inside the tent with Isabella when breast feeding or trying to get her situated for a nap. At that age she slept a lot.

After reading my top five I’m sure there are a ton more myself and other moms reading this could add but these are my top 5 I try not to forget. I’m hoping this post helps those who are pregnant or heading to the beach or pool with their little ones for the first time.

Tara “AKA” Baby-Momma

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