5 Springtime Toys for 5-10 Year Olds

Being a mom to three boys, ages 7, 8, and 9, can be rough and exhausting at times and the best way I’ve found to give myself a break from all their stored up winter energy is to find them a way to use it all up through fun, interactive toys and games! Here’s my list of 5 springtime toys perfect for 5-10 year olds:

Lets go fly a kite! Kids can have a blast just by getting outside, running, and riding the wind with a kite. Kites don’t have to be expensive and all you need is an open area free from trees and power lines. Make a day of it by sitting your children down for Mary Poppins afterwards.

To catch a butterfly. Everyone loves catching butterflies (well unless you’re a boy, and then other bugs might be your interest)! There are plenty of toys from nets to magnifying glasses to bug jars made for this purpose. If you wait until late summer you might even be fortunate to live in a part of the country that has lightening bugs (fireflies). Just be sure to release the insects afterward to allow them to live their natural life (unless you’re starting an insect collection and there’s plenty of science kits just for that purpose as well).

Water pistols. Nerf guns. Warm weather. Clean house. Need I say more?

Balls, Frisbees and Boomerangs! Have fun throwing toys around that also teach children (and perhaps yourself too) good hand and eye coordination! These toys are hard to break, inexpensive, travel well, and great for kids of all ages.

Things with Wheels. Who wants to do anything outside when it’s cold? Not me! However, when the weather warms up and the sun is shining hopping on my bike is one of my kids’ favorite things to do! Not only is riding a bike fun, but it’s also a great form of exercise. Teach your children through play to stay fit and be green! Also with wheels: scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades.

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