The Toy Guy on Live With Kelly & Michael

If you are looking for the list of toys that Chris Byrne, aka, The Toy Guy, had on today’s (November 28, 2012) Live with Kelly & Michael, than look no farther. Here is the list of toys that were on the show. You can find even more of Chris’ toy suggestions on Live’s Holiday Gift Guide.


WWE Brawlin’ Buddies

With the WWE Brawlin’ Buddies John Cena, WWE fans will enjoy creating action-packed wrestling storylines, competing against their favorite wrestler or teaming up to become the newest WWE Tag Team Champions. The sounds and phrases help bring the figure to life, and kids will like that the phrases were actually recorded by John Cena, lending some authenticity to the toy. Purchase atTime to Play Mag for $29.99.

Matchbox Big Boots Bootlandia Dino Adventure Squad

The Dino Adventure Squad playset delivers a lot of play. The concept is really cute and will appeal to younger kids who will get a kick out of flinging the characters around. The characters always land on their feet! This playset will inspire lots of open-ended action play. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $40.99.

Ready For Potty Baby Dora

This is a fun item for young fans of Dora the Explorer, especially those who are going through the potty training process. Kids love roleplay, especially when it’s something they’re going through themselves. Ready to Potty Dora is a great toy for kids’ potty training experiences. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $26.99.


Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar

The Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar lets preschoolers roleplay being a rock star. Kids will like “playing” along to the different songs and adding silly sounds and other effects to create new versions of the songs. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $19.99.


Doc McStuffins Time For Your Checkup Doll

With the Doc McStuffins Time for Your Checkup Doll, kids can pretend to take care of Lambie and all of their stuffed animals just like Doc does on the TV show. Kids will like hearing Lambie respond as they pretend to check her heart, ears, and temperature. This doll will engage preschoolers in all kinds of classic, imaginative and narrative-based play. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $39.99.


Disney Dazzling Princess Game

This is a great pre-reading game. With only some of the images on the cards, kids have to complete the picture in their minds (called “closure,” an important pre-reading skill). The Disney Dazzling Princess Game is also a great way to get kids up, interacting, and dressing up in their jewelry—and of course pretending to be princesses! Purchase atTime to Play Mag for $19.99.


Cutie Pops

The look of Cutie Pops is classic and sweet with a bright, contemporary style that appeals to girls and moms. But what makes these great for young kids is how easy the dress changes are. Where little fingers can often struggle with changing fashions and especially hair styles, Cutie Pops are easy for little ones to make over quickly and easily. This is a clever concept that’s been very well-executed, and will engage kids with adorable characters and inspire creativity. Purchase atTime to Play Mag for $19.99.

Directioners will love being able to play out a One Direction concert with the new One Direction Dolls. These dolls are a great way for fans to engage with their favorite band in a fresh way! The collectability factor of this new toy line extends the band’s presence, and promises to be a hit with the whole fan base. Lovers of the band can relive or create their own One Direction concert, music video, or other 1D experience using this toy roundup. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $19.99.


Enter a new line of snowboarding action figures that kids can play with in the snow! Available at Swimways’ COOP.

Fibber is an easy-to-play game for the whole family. Kids, and adults, will love wearing the glasses and getting silly making their noses grow. Just make sure you’ve got your poker face on underneath those glasses, otherwise you might get caught fibbing. Purchase atTime to Play Mag for $16.99.


A safe, fun and easy way to bedazzle any item! Perfect for kids of all ages, with adult supervision.


iPieces Air Hockey

If you already know how to play air hockey, there’s virtually no learning curve to iPieces Air Hockey. This is one of the best iPad games we’ve found, especially for fans of air hockey. It really feels like you’re playing air hockey, and the pawns fit in a pocket or purse so you can play anywhere. If you enjoy air hockey, this is definitely the next best thing. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $9.99.


Angry Birds Star Wars AT-AT Attack Battle Game

The Angry Birds gang gets a Star Wars makeover in this real-world version of the popular video game.


Illumivor Mecha-Shark

In the dark, the Illumivor Mecha-Shark really does appear to “swim” across the floor like an actual shark. It’s very dramatic and engaging—not to mention really fun. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $69.99.


Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow

The Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow gives kids all ages the competitive fun of shooting a bow and arrow, but in a safe way! The color scheme of this bow-and-arrow set is targeted toward girls, and those who emulate characters Katniss and Merida will really like having a bow and arrow of their own. The arrows do go far when launched, but to get them to travel 125 feet, you have to pull the arrow back really far and exert some effort. Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $29.99.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire brings some serious blasting action. It’s got a high dart capacity, which means less time reloading and more time blasting. It’s also easy to switch from one clip to the next in the middle of a blaster battle. And kids will like that they can shoot the darts really far! Purchase at Time to Play Mag for $39.99.

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