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games to make lego more interactive

4 Fun Games to Make Lego More Interactive

Lego bricks have been “the building blocks” that bring a child’s imagination to life for generations. If you can imagine it, you can build it with these interlocking building toys. So how can you make your

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Password: Hope

Following the wise advice of Dad Extraordinaire, Jim Silver (link to his page here), this year for the holidays we had the kids make up a list for Santa of all the things they wanted.

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summer fun

5 Ways to Make Laser Tag More Fun!

The awesome thing about laser tag is that by using your gear and a little imagination you have the ability to create live-action video game adventures in your own home, yard, and neighborhood. But what

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Which Toy Came First [Quiz]

Which toy came first?  Barbie or G.I. Joe?  How about the Hula Hoop or the High Bouncing Ball?  Test your toy trivia knowledge and see how many of these ten questions you can get right.

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whose your inner holiday barbie quiz

Whose Your Inner Holiday Barbie [Quiz]

She’s been everything from a trendsetting show-stopper to a holiday icon.  She’s the star of her own movie and the bell of the ball at holiday parties.  From a dashing diva to a fabulous friend,

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