Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Announcement

Skylanders Trap Team will launch on iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets on the same day it arrives for console game systems, which is October 5th in North America. In even more exciting news, the tablet version will be the complete game and will deliver the same experience with console-quality graphics.

The Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack will include a Bluetooth Traptanium Portal, a Bluetooth controller, built-in tablet stand, two Skylanders characters, two Traps and a display tray that lets Portal Masters keep track of the Traps they’ve collected and which villains they have trapped.

According to the press release, “Skylanders Trap Team brings a ground-breaking innovation to the Skylandersfranchise by reversing the magic of its signature Toys-To-Life™ play pattern to let kids bring life to toys. Skylanders Trap Team allows Portal Masters to seek out the most wanted villains in all of Skylands, defeat them and pull them out of the game into their living rooms by capturing them in magical Traps. Fans can then play as both heroes and villains who join the forces of good in an all-new adventure. Now, for the first time in franchise history, fans can experience a full Skylanders game on the go, wherever and whenever they want.”

We will have a full review of the game when it’s available. In the meantime, follow Jeff on Twitter, , for more gaming news and reviews.

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