Review – Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

If you have been reading The Play Forum for a while, you probably recall the exergaming fitness challenge/experiment I conducted for the month of March. All month long, I used a workout video game and Xbox Kinect as my only source of exercise and ended up losing seven pounds. The game I used was Your Shape: Fitness Evolved from Ubisoft and my full review of the game has been published on Here is the beginning of the review:

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is a video game (sort of) that turns your Xbox 360 into a home workout system. The disc is loaded with exercises created by the Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines that provide workouts that focus on Cardio, Stamina or a combination of both. All the exercising is done by following the on-screen trainer as if it were a real person leading a class at your health club. The Kinect motion-capture camera system puts your image on the screen with the trainer and allows the trainer to offer targeted advice and guidance.

Your Shape could have you selling all your Tai Bo DVDs at your next garage sale because unlike a DVD, Your Shape can tell if you are performing the workout properly or not and will let you know where you need improvement. All of this is accomplished without the need for you to hold onto a controller because Your Shape uses the Kinect motion-capture and sensing camera system.

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