Review: Seek Your Own Proof

Seek Your Own Proof is a new browser-based game from Discoverykids that uses history and items found in museums around the world to create a series of missions for kids to solve. The Online missions are story-based, educational episodes that teach kids about real-world artifacts, such as The Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum, through a series of videos, tasks, puzzles, games and quizzes.

There is also an off-line component to Seek Your Own Proof that will have kids looking for items in the real world at museums and historical landmarks around North America. These “field missions” will have kids working together to solve puzzles by tracking down clues based on items in the participating museums. Kids will receive free Mission Worksheets at the museum, which they will then use to find the appropriate artifacts in the museum. Later, when they return home, they can go to the Online site and enter their mission solutions. The first mission, running now, is based on the King Tut exhibition being hosted at Discovery TSX in New York City. Two additional field missions were launched in Alberta, Canada and a fourth is starting soon at the Burke Museum of Natural History in Seattle, WA. So, if you and the kids are no longer interested in traditional board games, just Seek Your Own Proof!

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