Promises, Promises!

A very funny story happened to me about 10 years ago that we can all learn from.

The year was 1998, and Furby was the hot toy of the year. You couldn’t get it anywhere, and people were frantic to try to get it. It was about 10 days before Christmas when I received a phone call from an old friend (and prom date) from the 70’s. I had not heard from her in about eight years, so the call came as a surprise.

Aly (name partially changed to protect her!) said “Jimmy, you have to help me. I went to the toy store yesterday and was looking for a Furby and couldn’t find one. So I went up to customer service and asked them where the Furby aisle was? They looked at me and just laughed! And I need your help. I had told my daughter she was going to get a Furby for Christmas as her big present, and now I need to find one.”

So there’s a simple rule for the holiday. Before you make a promise about a gift, make sure you have it stashed away somewhere. Promises, Promises!

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