Zippy the Sloth Model K and Koko the Panda Model P Kids Digital Cameras Review

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Kids love doing the same things and having the same gadgets as their parents, and that includes taking pictures with digital cameras. Kidamento has a whole line of kid-friendly digital cameras with super cute animal designs to make the picture-taking experience even more fun.

Meowie the Cat and Zippy the Sloth are the Model K versions. These digital cameras feature a three-inch touchscreen, a pre-installed 16GB MicroSD card, a lanyard that doubles as storage space for the USB charging cable, and a detachable, lightweight silicone covering that makes the camera comfortable to hold while also protecting it from drops. The silicone is eco-friendly and PVC-, BPA-, and phthalate-free. All kids have to do to take a picture is point and shoot. The camera has one button at the top that snaps a photo or starts a video when kids press it. (A longer press of that button turns the camera on and off.) There are a variety of filters and frames that kids can add to their photos, selfies, and videos. You can use the USB lanyard to transfer pictures from the camera to a computer, and there is also the option of downloading a free BiBi Cam app to wirelessly transfer content. Photo resolution is 48MP, which is decent for a kids’ camera. The Model K also comes with a sticker sheet and instructions.

Koko the Panda is a Model P Instant Print Camera. The camera looks like a panda’s face, with one eye as the camera lens and the black-and-white pictures printing out of the panda’s mouth. The special printer paper requires no ink, and one roll is included. Refills are sold separately. The camera also includes a 16MB MicroSD card, a lanyard, a USB cable, and instructions. For more fun, the camera comes with stickers for decorating the camera and a Scavenger Hunt Photobook. To take a photo, selfie, or video, all kids have to do is point and shoot, pressing the large shutter button on the back of the camera. Kids can even add built-in filters and frames. This camera uses a different free app, DiDi Cam, to wirelessly transfer photos from the camera to a smartphone, and the app also lets you transfer and print coloring pages, puzzles, and frames, as well as use kid-friendly editing tools before printing. You can also use the USB cable to transfer photos from the camera to a computer. The photo resolution on this camera is 12MP, and photos print out pretty well.

Zippy the Sloth Model K and Koko the Panda Model P Kids Digital Cameras

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We love the animal designs of these cameras! The silicone coverings make these adorable as well as durable. If you’re tired of handing your phone or camera over to your little one so he can take blurry pictures of his feet, then you’ll want to get your kid one of these cameras. Kids will have so much fun taking as many pictures as they want and, in the case of the Model P camera, printing out as many pictures as they want.

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