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Editor's Review

If you’re going on a road trip this summer, make sure you take time to visit some of America’s legendary roadside attractions. And if you’re staying home, then make the time to play Zillionaires: Road Trip USA so you can buy up America’s legendary roadside real estate. The premise of the game is that you – and your fellow players – are one of the five richest people in history. You already own all the really grand stuff; now you want to buy the quirky stuff. Like the Big Things Small Town of Casey, Illinois; Margate, New Jersey’s Lucy the Elephant; The World’s Largest Fork in Springfield, Missouri; and the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, Illinois. You’ve got to outbid your opponents for the attraction on the board, buying up four of them in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line to win. Each player gets a colored set of Sold chips and $49 zillion. Shuffle the property cards, and then turn one over. If there’s an attraction on it, place the For Sale sign on the corresponding space on the board. The player who turned over the card bids first, and they have to bid at least the minimum amount shown on the card. Play moves clockwise, with the next player raising the bid or folding. The player who bid the highest amount gets to whack the table with the gavel, pay the bank, take the card, and place one of his Sold chips on that space on the board. A new property card is drawn and play continues in the same manner.

Now there are some cards with different rules. A Payday card shows a number range. You bid for these cards the same way you would an attraction, but the highest bidder gets to pick any available attraction within that number range to own. Then, all players get $7 zillion for every Sold chip they have on the board.

The Geographical Center of North America is the center space on the board. Players have to bid for this one, too, in order to place their Sold chip on it. However, if someone already owns this space, a new winner can bump them off.

Zillionaires Road Trip USA Board Game

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We like the competitive nature of this game and how the Payday and Geographical Center cards add an extra layer of strategy. The “buying properties” reminds us a little of Monopoly, but Zillionaires has a cheeky attitude. It’s a fun game to play whether you’re on the road or at home. It’s also fun to learn about weird places you maybe didn’t know exist, and this game will definitely inspire you to add them to a future road trip itinerary.

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