YummiLand Dolls and Lip Gloss Truck Playset Review

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Editor's Review

Watch it. Make it. Play with it! Kids can interact with the new YummiLand animated series on YouTube in so many ways: large dolls with make-your-own lip gloss, small dolls with make-your-own lip gloss, and a Lip Gloss Truck playset. Lip gloss is very important to the show because it harnesses the special powers of each YummiLand character. 

The Piper Peach Large Doll is scented with long peach-colored hair for styling. The doll also comes with the ingredients to make peach-scented lip gloss. First, you’ll pour a few drops of the liquid scent into the base inside the cute lip balm pet companion container. Use the spoon to mix. Then, you’ll add a few drops of the liquid colorant into the base and use the spoon to mix. And then your lip gloss is ready to wear. As for the doll, use the comb to style the long hair. (The hair is a little crunchy right out of the box.) Each doll also wears a removable headpiece and removable fashion, so you can mix and match their looks and scents. The dolls have poseability in the legs, arms, and head. Each doll is sold separately.

The small dolls, such as Greta Grape, are also scented with removable fashions and some poseability. Each doll comes with a tube of clear lip gloss and a key ring clip so that kids can take their finished lip gloss with them on the go. First, make the lip gloss! Add the whole bottle of liquid scent into the lip gloss tube, and then add in the liquid color. Use the spoon to stir and mix. Close the lip gloss tube and shake it, and then it’s ready to wear. If you’d rather carry around your doll instead of the lip gloss, remove it from the tube and attach it to your doll’s head. Each doll is sold separately. 

To make even more lip gloss and play with your small YummiLand dolls, there’s the Lip Gloss Truck. The truck has seating space up front for two dolls, and it comes with the supplies you need to make two lip glosses. To do this, you’ll scoop some of the lip balm base into the whipped cream mixing bowl, and then add two to three drops of scented liquid and mix. Then, choose one of the two Num Nom lip balm containers and place it opened under the truck’s dispenser. Remove the straw from the top of the truck and scoop the lip balm mixture from the bowl into the dispenser opening. Now press the straw into the dispenser to dispense the lip balm mixture into the container. Now your lip balm is ready to use! You can do it all over again with the rest of the lip balm base, the second liquid scent, and the other Num Nom container. Be sure to clean the dispenser pieces when you’re done.

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These dolls are so cute, and kids will like collecting their favorite character, super power, or scent – or collecting all the dolls! We like the hands-on fun of mixing up lip balm, which allows kids to roleplay the action from the YummiLand series. 


Make lip balm
Imaginative play
Roleplay what’s on the show



Making lip balm is messy
Difficult to squeeze liquid from playset
Hard to pose dolls in their outfits

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