Your New Favorite Chess Set Review

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Editor's Review

This is a gorgeous set that any chess player would love. It’s made of beautiful all-wood construction with wood inlaid squares. The patented platforms swing out with the chess pieces attached ( just don’t swing it open hard). And you can lock the two halves flat with this innovative locking mechanism! The chess pieces are made of silicone making it light and feeling great! If you were wondering about the piece sliding off, well they’re made of felt bottoms and magnetism too! And get ready for this, a first-of-its-kind chess piece called the “Quawn” is also featured. It’s a queen that fits over the top of a pawn and is used for pawn promotion.

Your New Favorite Chess Set

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Setup is quick. The chess pieces are silicone with strong magnets. It’s great for on the go since the set folds and an extra piece is added called, “Quawn” for easy pawn promotion.

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