X-Shot Royale Edition Reflex 6, Hawk Eye, and Omega Blasters Review

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Editor's Review

First off, we have to talk about the looks; these blasters are regal! Deep blue, white, and orange permeate the designs, but what really stands out is the electroplated chrome champagne gold. With these in tow, you’ll be blasting with style!

First off, we have the Reflex 6. To load your darts, just push them in the front of the barrel, and you’re done! Pull the hammer in the back to ready a shot, and press the trigger to fire. The chamber will rotate automatically as you pull back the hammer. Next, we have the Hawkeye, a blaster which goes for slightly longer range. Load your dart by opening the blaster at the hinge, and pump it to prime for blasting. The stock moves slightly when you fire, regardless of whether the blaster is loaded or not, so even if you run out of darts, you can still easily play pretend. Lastly we have the Omega Royale cannon. Load via the ammo link chain, which holds 30 darts. You can fire by either pulling back the handle, and pressing the trigger once, or holding the trigger down and repeatedly pulling back the handle for what’s called “slam fire.” When this feature exists, why would you blast any other way?? The barrel rotates as you fire, definitely a cool detail. Be aware, all three blasters fire with a good amount of force, so if you’re playing with other folks, aim away from the face and eyes. Safety goggles, or other eyewear aren’t a bad idea in our opinion.

Each blaster includes extra darts. The Reflex 6 and Hawkeye each come with 16, and the Omega Royale blaster comes with a total of 98 darts, which is much appreciated.

X-Shot Royale Edition Reflex 6, Hawk Eye, and Omega Blasters

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Lots of fun! These blasters are great for target practice or player vs player action in the backyard. As mentioned, be careful where you aim when playing with others.

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