Wonderfold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon Review

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Editor's Review

Your kids will be rolling around the park or beach in style thanks to the Wonderfold VW4 Volkswagon Stroller Wagon.  The Volkswagon stroller comes in two colors: Bondi Blue and Sage Green. We’re reviewing the Bondi Blue one today. The wagon holds up to four passengers: that’s 300 lbs total, 99 lbs per bench. You can take the seats out and use it for just two kids on one side of the wagon. The raised seats that recline, offering flexibility for your children’s needs. The 5-Point standard safety harnesses come with pads for added comfort and the adjustable, vegan leather handlebar can be used by parents of varying heights. It also comes with a pull handle so you can pull the wagon from the front. The deep carriage has zippered mesh panels for optimal ventilation and it comes with a removable, adjustable canopy that you can move the fabric back and forth for ultimate sun protection. The wagon has all terrain XL wheels with suspension and bearings for a smooth ride and easy maneuvering, and the one-step foot brake system makes it easy to stop and go. The wagon has ample storage space which includes pockets on all sides and a removable rear basket to hold all of your essentials. You can unzip the front zipper door so the kids can climb into the wagon; simply take the front bumper off and they have another entrance without you having to pick them up. To clean the frame, simply use a soft towel, lukewarm water, and mild cleaning solution. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean the stroller wagon wheels regularly with water to remove any dirt or sand. The wagon is easy to fold and stands when folded, but you do have to take out the seats to make sure it’s firmly closed.

I loved the whole vibe of this wagon. There is so much storage! We put cups, hats, a diaper bag, four kids, blankets, and sweatshirts using the wagon’s storage compartments. We also had water and snacks in the cooler and put sunscreen and more diapers in its side pockets. It definitely held everything we needed with ease. I liked how the canopy can come off and be stored easily on the wagon when it’s not needed. Being able to have all four kids secured when we went to the boardwalk was a huge plus and the all-terrain wheels made it easy to move on the wooden walkways/the sandy beach. It was so easy to change things around to suit our needs on a whim; whether it was two kids in a chair, two kids sitting on opposite sides, three kids sitting in the wagon on the floor, or two kids sitting in the seats and us loading the rest of the wagon up with beach/pool toys.  The lights on the front were great but, unfortunately, at this time of the year it gets dark so late and the kids are in bed before we have the chance to use them to their fullest capacity. But, having them on during duskish hours definitely made the aesthetic super cool! It was also awesome that you can take the feet off (the ones with the break) to help fit it in any car better. 

However, the kids are very close together. With four kids under 5 years old, the younger kids would kick the “older” kids because they didn’t know any better and there wasn’t a lot of legroom.. If we had four kids over four years olds, I feel like they would run out of room and their knees would be touching. We would love it if we had more knee space between the kids. It was also extremely heavy and the grill was in the way of the children using the front exit/entrance easily. And when we took to the beach, the wheels weren’t very sand friendly. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go far but, once we got to the more compact sand, it rolled very nicely! Plus, if you’re out with the wagon and the kids decide to lay down or sit in the wagon and don’t want the seats, there’s nowhere to store them nicely. The seats can be kind of put in a reclined position, but then there would be no room for the kids’ knees, so it would only be able to have one bench in at a time. This definitely doesn’t fit in my Subaru unless all the seats are down, but it did fit in our CRV and in our Highlander with all three children in their carseats.

Price Check


Should I get it?

Yes! But I would make sure to look at the dimensions of the wagon folded up to see if it fits in your car before purchasing.


  • There’s a lot of storage.
  • It’s easy to maneuver.
  • It can hold four toddler size children.


  • There’s not a lot of legroom for the kids.
  • You can’t store the seats when you’re on the go.
  • It’s a bit hard to wheel on loose sand.

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