Wizard Potion Science Kit Review

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Editor's Review

The Thames and Kosmos Wizard Potion Science Kit is an educational activity toy and treat maker all in one! Inside a box you get a mixing cauldron, a stirring wand, three flasks, a measuring beaker, 8 packets of various ingredients, and most importantly, the experiment manual. The manual is the heart of the set, containing all the recipes you’ll need to make the 5 potent potions, all accompanied with rhyming flavor text about two young wizards Randolph and Zelinda discovering the ingredients and doing the same. Each recipe has very clear instructions on what to do to make each potion. It will even warn you if a step has the potential to get a little messy. When we made the Fizzing Grapefruit Potion, the reaction was a bit less intense than we were expecting from the language of the directions, but we suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry! Though it was more subtle than anticipated, it definitely reacted in real time! And it tasted magically good! Explanations of the chemical reactions in your potions are broken down on the back cover. Although you can make a total of 5 potions, you only have 3 flasks, which is somewhat reasonable, you’ll probably want to enjoy each potion as you make it. The wand acts not only as a stirrer, but a handy measuring spoon as well. While mixing ingredients in the cauldron, it can be a bit hard to see thanks to the dark color, so it helps to craft in a well lit area. This set is a great synthesis of role play, storytelling education and fun. It does a nice job teaching children about the science of magic and the magic of science.

Wizard Potion Science Kit

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This kit is a great activity to do together with your kids, or for curious and inquisitive youths to do on their own. The breakdowns of the chemical reactions, make this a fun and engaging STEM toy. Not to mention delicious!


  • It includes everything you need to make all 5 potions in box, no outside ingredients necessary!
  • Three flasks are included to store your potions  if desired.
  • The experiment manual has not only clear instructions, but explanations of the scientific phenomena, and a bit of extra pizazz with storytelling. 


  • Some reactions may be more subtle than expected based on the language of the instructions.
  • It can be hard to see what you’re doing in the black cauldron (for example, making sure something is thoroughly dissolved or mixed.)

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