WishCraft Mystical Moons Paint a Scarf and Moon Phase Journal Review

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Editor's Review

The Wish*Craft line brings a lunar-inspired take to arts and crafts for tweens and teens. Kits includes Mystical Moons Paint a Scarf and the Moon Phase Journal, both of which let kids get creative and express themselves.

The Paint a Scarf kit comes with a gold foil-accented scarf to paint and wear. It’s pre-printed with designs of moons, moths, flowers, and stars. Kids use the three liquid fabric dyes, paintbrush, and plastic paint palette to paint the designs in orange, yellow, and pink hues. Put the scarf on top of the cardboard painting surface and secure it with the pins. The cardboard prevents your work space from getting messy if the paint bleeds through. Mix the colors of paint to make new colors and apply one to two coats on the scarf. The scarf is five feet, so you’ll need to work in sections, allowing one section to dry for at least four hours before continuing on to the next section.

The Moon Phase Journal is designed to help kids chart their goals and set intentions. Before you get started writing in the 60-page journal, spin the dial on the front to reveal the birthstone and Native American moon associated with each month. A fine line pen, stickers, and a stencil inspire kids to write, doodle, and dream on the journal’s pages. And pages in the front of the journal give kids fun facts about moons, moon phases, and birthstones.

WishCraft Mystical Moons Paint a Scarf and Moon Phase Journal

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While it will take some time to complete the Paint a Scarf, the fun is in the process of painting. We love the gold foil designs and that kids can paint the designs however they want. Plus, it results in a functional fashion accessory that kids will love wearing and showing off.

The Moon Phase Journal is less about making a specific craft and more about getting kids to think creatively and record those thoughts or drawings. This would be great for kids who want to know more about their birth month and Zodiac sign, as well as for kids who enjoy writing and drawing.

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