Whiffies Mini Dolls S’mores 3-Pack Review

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Editor's Review

Whiffies are deliciously scented collectible animal toys with plush tails that smell like your favorite ice cream flavors!  Introducing Gabby Graham, Marni Mallow, and Cocoa Carly.

These exclusive Whiffies have their own unique tail scents of graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, and milk chocolate- they all smell so good! They’re colorful, feature a playful pose, have a fluffy scented tail and details matching their delightful ice cream scent. Twist their tails together and they’ll smell just like s’mores!

They smell great on their own and even better when they’re together! There are 20 Whiffies toys to collect in all.

Whiffies Mini Dolls S’mores 3-Pack

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There are 20 to collect. They all smell delicious and you can combine the scents together for a fun smelling combination.

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