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Editor's Review

Break out your Bibles because it’s on like Samson! Find out how well you know Bible characters by playing What is the Scripture. In this game, for two to four players, you score points by creating sentences about a subject in the Bible. But you can’t just create any sentence. 

Here’s how to play, and yes, the game instructions are laid out like a church bulletin. Pick a character from the list or choose another Bible character. Now each player gets 45 seconds to tell the other players about the character and find the scripture reference in their Bible. This can earn you five points. 

Now it’s time to incorporate the four decks of cards. On your turn, pull a card from the Pull Deck to determine how many consonant letter cards will be dealt to you. Then take four Consonants cards and place them face down. You also get a Vowel card placed facedown. Now pull an Action card that gives you instructions for completing your sentence. There might also be a bonus action for more points. Turn over your letter cards and the 45-second timer and begin creating a sentence. (We don’t think it has to be the same character you chose earlier, but you could play that way.) Even though you have multiple letter cards, you only have to use one letter to start a word in your sentence. But the more letter cards you use, the more points you get. You can see how much each letter is worth in the corners of the card. 

After you make your sentence, the other players can ask “What is the scripture?” And if you can state the appropriate scripture that applies to your sentence, you get extra points. If you don’t know it, opposing players can attempt to earn themselves points.

The game is for ages 8 and up. It comes with 33 Action cards, 21 Consonant cards, nine Pull cards, five Vowel cards, a sand timer, instructions, a scorepad, and a character list. 

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If you want to put your Bible knowledge to the test, then you’ll enjoy the challenge of this fast-paced game. Forty-five seconds goes by really quickly when you’ve only got a few letters to think with. This is definitely a test of not only Bible trivia but also vocabulary. You could play this game at a Bible Study or use it to inspire Bible reading with Sunday School students.


Trivia game
Tests your vocabulary skills


Game instructions could have been clearer

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