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Editor's Review

Waffle Topple is a game for 2 or more players ages 6 and up. Inside a box, you’ll get well crafted and sturdy wooden play pieces that resemble waffles, syrup, bacon, strawberries, butter, and a thick fork, as well as a die.


Set the fork upright and balance three waffle pieces on top to start. After that, players alternate by rolling the die and adding the appropriate piece to the pile without knocking it over. There are a few special rules to consider, such as bacon and butter not being allowed to touch, and strawberries needing to go on top of the piece most recently placed. Whoever knocks pieces off the tower will score points for the previous player, allowing them to add any fallen pieces (up to 5) into their personal scoring pile, with each piece adding points to their score. Custom rules can be added whenever this is rolled on the die, and it can be anything you want, like using only certain fingers when placing pieces, or leaving one eye closed. When it’s rolled again, that player can overwrite the previous custom rule with their own. Once all pieces have been played, fallen and scored, the player with the most points wins! 


This game may look delectable and adorable, but this is no game for for the faint of heart! Well, maybe it is, but people with devilish intent can easily sabotage other players, by making very hazardous stacking conditions. This is partially mitigated by the random nature of the die rolls, of course, so even the best made plans can be thwarted by a lucky roll. It’s fairly common, at least in our test games, for the entire fork to topple, rather than part of the tower, but maybe that’s because we’re clumsy. The bright side is, you can set up the first three waffles in any orientation you want, so long as it remains standing. Get creative!

Waffle Topple

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This is a very cute, fun and wholesome game for kiddos and adults alike. The fun factor and the aesthetic make this a worthy game to own.


  • The pieces are cutely designed and very sturdy.
  • The game has a good balance of strategy and luck.
  • It can get pretty exciting and tense in a fun way.


  • Full topples are fairly common over partial ones, making snowballing victories common if there’s even a slight skill gap between players.

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