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Editor's Review

Dogs aren’t the only very important pets. Now cats get the VIP treatments with VIP Pets Cats. There are six bright and colorful cat characters to collect. Each cat comes packaged inside a shampoo bottle with a glittery cat cap. You can kind of see the cat through a glittery see-through panel, and if you press the top button, a UV light enhances what’s inside. Two cell batteries are included for that.

Open it up to reveal the cat, a brush, sunglasses, a headband, and two blind bags inside the drawers. Cut the cat from the seat and unwrap the paper from its hair to reveal 12 inches of long and colorful hair. The blind bags contain styling accessories, such as hair elastics, barrettes, and tools for creating braids and other fun updos. Pop a gem off the wall of the bottle and use it as an accessory on the headband. There’s also a squeeze tube of hair gel and a bag of colorful confetti, though there are no instructions for what to do with them. A note to parents: these two items will create a mess.

The UV light on the front of the bottle can be popped out and it kind of looks like a mini hair spray bottle. Kids can use this for more pretend hair play and also make the cat’s neon features shine bright in the dark. Each pet has a glittery seat with a suction cup base to keep things in place while kids style. And for more playtime, there are swiveling bowls inside the bottle where kids can keep small accessories. There are two extra glittery pieces that we think are just part of the packaging, but we’re not sure if they’re supposed to be repurposed into something else.

Keep track of your collection and get styling ideas in the included collector’s guide.

VIP Pets Cats

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Should I get it?

Well, we wish there had been more/better instructions for some of the play, but overall, cats are a nice addition to the VIP Pets lineup. Kids will like the surprise of revealing the cat, especially with the UV light feature. And there are so many accessories and different ways for kids to style their pet. This will really inspire a lot of imaginative play.


  • 6 to collect
  • UV light reveal
  • Lots of accessories
  • Imaginative play


  • Instructions could have been better

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