Valor Kick Scooter Review

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Editor's Review

The Valor Scooter comes in an eye-catching blue and orange color scheme, and feels sturdy to the touch. It has rubber handles, and treads on the base of the scooter to help keep your hand and foot grip tight. The treads are made of tiny Valor logos, a nice detail! The scooter feels very smooth to ride, and can get some decent speed going without too much effort. The steering is very responsive, and felt natural even for someone who hasn’t touched a scooter in a very long time. The Valor Scooter can support up to 220 pounds, so most adults can ride one and not feel uncomfortable. Of course, that’s not all this thing can do! This full size scooter can collapse into a super portable size! The folding instructions are included, but they have occasionally unclear moments. Thankfully, there is an extremely clear and helpful folding video on It’s remarkable how small the Valor scooter gets when folded. You can easily fit this in a locker, backpack, or under a seat with room to spare!

Valor Kick Scooter

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Should I get it?

This scooter is great! It supports a lot of weight, so no matter your age, seriously consider getting one for a fun way to get around.


  • It’s sturdy.
  • The scooter looks bright and cool.
  • It supports up to 220 pounds, so even bigger adults can ride without worry.
  • It feels great to ride, folds up to be very portable.
  • It has a transformation like riding a bike, once you have it down, you won’t forget.


  • The transformation process, like learning to ride a bike, is tricky at first.
  • The instructions are clear in some parts and less so in others.

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