UNO Triple Play Game Review

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Editor's Review

The UNO Triple Play game is three times the fun, with this special unit that holds three discard piles and features exciting lights and sounds for suspense and surprise! Game play is like classic UNO, but players may only discard to any pile or piles that are lit up on their turn. And if any pile gets too many cards in it, it may OVERLOAD! If it does, the LED display dictates how many cards must be drawn! Lights and arcade sounds on the machine create maximum anticipation and excitement, and the “Timer Mode” makes the game move even faster! It’s a new way to play the game every card-playing crew already loves. When players have only one card left, they must yell “UNO!” There are also three new cards; “Wild Clear”, “Wild Give Away” and “Discard Two of the Same Color”. There’s also volume control. Once you’re done, divide the cards into two piles and place each deck into one of the two card storage areas on the bottom of the unit.

UNO Triple Play Game

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It’s a newer version of UNO fun. Play either the regular or timer mode and it’s great for on the go fun!

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