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Editor's Review

UNO Remix plays like classic UNO, but with each round, the game gets a little more cut-throat thanks to customizable cards. Before you even start playing you’ve got to shuffle up the deck of game cards and set those aside. The game cards have the same number and action cards as original UNO, with the exception of brand-new Plus cards. These cards cause the next player to draw as many cards as tally marks shown. And there is plenty of space for you to add MORE tally marks. We’ll get to that in a second.

Leave the Remix cards unshuffled and place those in their box. Now before the first round, take the same number of Remix cards as there are players. So four cards for four players, for example. Then, starting with the youngest player, choose which card to customize. For the Wild, Skip-to, and Shield cards, you’ll write down your own name. These cards will eventually allow you to choose a new color, get the next card, and block penalty cards. On the Draw 2, Wild Draw 4, and Giving cards, you write down the name of an opponent so that he or she gets to draw even more cards into their hand when this card is played. If there’s an Add a Mark card, that’s when you get to add more tally marks to a Plus card in the Game deck. And with an Add a Name card, you get to add a second name to a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 card.

Shuffle the customized Remix cards with the game cards, and deal each player seven cards. As in regular UNO, play cards from your hand that match the color, number, or symbol of the discard pile’s top card. But remember the special instructions for the Remix cards whenever one of those is played.

The first player to get rid of all his cards wins the round, AND he gets to take the first star sticker and place it next to his name on the score sheet, which is on the back of the instruction booklet. Continue playing rounds and adding in more custom Remix cards at the beginning of each round.

When there are only enough never-shuffled Remix cards in the box for one more round, that will be your final round. Play until someone wins and then crown an overall champion based on who won the most games. The champion places the Crown sticker next to their name, and whoever won the least amount of games gets the Jester sticker. BUT the winner and the loser both get to choose ANY card from the entire deck to change by crossing out a name on the card for the next time you play.

UNO Remix

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UNO fans will like that this game changes things up. It kind of takes the customization from the 2019 version of the game and ups the ante with even more cards to personalize and more cards that do more new things. There’s a lot to keep track of, so definitely read through the instructions and keep the booklet handy while you play. But if you’re already a fan of UNO and you have a group of friends or family who love playing this game together, this could be a great way to create a version of the game that’s personalized to your game group and brings even more of a competitive edge.

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