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Editor's Review

Uno Quatro is a 2-4 player game for ages 7 and up. Inside, you’ll get the game board, already assembled, 44 game tiles, a carrying bag, and the rules. The game board has a pull-out stand and rubber padding on the bottom to make sure that it doesn’t slide around during the game. It also has 7 removable trays, which will come into play later. Moves are made by sliding your tile into a tray, which smoothly glides down to the bottom. Try to get 4 colors or numbers matched up horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win!

Start out by shaking up the tile bag and drawing 3 tiles each. Take turns dropping tiles into the trays and try to get a 4 tile set. However, this isn’t like other matching games! Since this is still Uno, if a played tile will be adjacent to an existing tile, you need to make sure it matches in either color or number in order to play it. If you have no legal move, you must discard a tile and draw a new one, if you still can’t play, your turn is over! Fear not, for there are special action tiles which can help you in a pinch. Swap tiles allow you to swap the places of any two trays. These trays come out without any trouble when desired, but when they’re clicked into place, they’re nice and sturdy, best of both worlds! Push allows you to play a tile and then push it down to expel the bottom tile of that tray, removing it from play. Lastly, Minus 2 forces the next player to discard two random tiles from their hand and play their next turn with only one. Over half of the tiles are action tiles, so play never stagnates! Be sure not to absent-mindedly play an action tile, since you must abide by the action in order to play it. Given the strategic element of the action tiles, plus the need to match color or number like in Uno classic, this game is much trickier than other similar games you might know, and we think this adds to the fun factor in a big way.

Uno Quattro

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Should I get it?

Definitely! This is a fun and engaging new spin on the classic card game that is well worth picking up.


  • The game is ready to play right out of the box.
  • The game board is very well made and functional.
  • The rules are simple to grasp but the gameplay has a lot of depth.
  • It has a familiar Uno flavor with a new twist.
  • The abundant action tiles keep the game interesting.


  • None!

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