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Editor's Review

The Ultra Power Battle Game has quite an impressive name, but what is it? Each pack contains two slap-bracelet battle bands with a power dial, and 12 random ultra-power tokens. The idea is simple, best your opponent in a series of token flipping contests. Unlike a simple coin flip, the presentation here is ULTRA! Each player starts off with 6 tokens and tries to keep them a secret from their opponent for strategic purposes. For easy storage, open your power dial for a secret storage compartment. Both players load their tokens onto their launch pads, press down, and let go at the same time. Aim both shots near the same spot, on a table, for example. Whichever token displays a higher value is the winner, and takes the loser’s token. The loser must then deduct points based on what their flip value was. Whoever depletes their opponent’s points first is the winner! As mentioned, tokens can be stored in the power dials after a game for easy clean-up, transportation, and storage.

Appearance-wise, each band and dial is excitingly designed with vibrant colors and flashy patterns. There are 100 Ultra-Battle tokens to collect and 72 different battle band variations as well. The Battle Bands have a decent amount of variation, but the coins, although different in color, kind of blend together with their similar design philosophy. You can play with more than 2 players, but you’ll need to get another set for that.

Ultra Power Battle Game

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The extra trimmings on this game makes coin flipping way more fun and involved!

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