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Editor's Review

Kids’ imaginations will blast off with the Ultimate Spaceship. This immersive play environment features lights and sounds, plus a star map projection. Measuring 55 inches tall, this is big enough for a child to step inside and engage in all sorts of out-of-this-world play. The interactive control panel has a variety of touch-pad controls that activate different sound effects, such as opening and closing the hatch, engaging light speed, and communicating with mission command. Three working switches activate the cockpit lights, the Head Up Display with three different light choices, and the star projection, which projects a star map onto the ceiling and looks best when you turn out the lights. Plus, additional switches, knobs, and levers both inside and outside the playset help promote fine motor skills and more pretend play. Kids can even collect space samples in the two test tubes stored in the back of the playset. Turn the steering wheel to pretend to steer toward your galactic destination. Kids can even rock the spacecraft from side to side to trigger more lights and sound effects.

Ultimate Spaceship

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This playset looks amazing, and it’s going to be a lot of fun for young space explorers. The lights and sounds enhance the imaginative play, making kids feel like they are really inside their own spaceship. The rocking feature is pretty fun, and the star projector looks really cool. Basically, this playset packs a lot of neat features to inspire all sorts of imaginative play.

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