Tummple Wooden Block Stacking Game Review

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Editor's Review

Tummple is a game for 2 to 4 players ages 8 and older. Inside a box of Tummple, you get 54 wood bricks, two flat wooden foundation pieces, a bag of white Tumps, and a bag of yellow Tumps. The instructions are extremely clear and detailed. The game involves building a structure on the foundation out of the wooden bricks. How you place your brick is determined by a roll of the die; you can either place it on the broad side, thin side, or standing on end. Roll the T symbol and choose any position you want. If you roll a white Tump, place it on one end of a brick that has been placed. Afterward, that area can no longer be played on. A yellow Tump is the same idea, but instead the entire brick is off limits! The higher the tower gets, the more precarious the game becomes. If you cause any pieces to fall, you must collect and hold onto them. The game ends when all 54 bricks have been played. Whoever has the least amount of bricks collected is the winner!

Placing Tumps strategically to thwart your opponent is the key to victory. But careful, don’t end up thwarting yourself in the process! If there’s a tie, place the collected pieces back in the box and continue playing with the existing structure.

Tummple 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This game has such a unique identity unto its own. and has a ton of replay value. Definitely consider picking this up.


  • It’s a unique take on the classic stacking tower type game.
  • The Tumps add a fun bit of strategy.
  • Additional rounds are easy to introduce to the game.
  • Everything feels high quality.
  • Additional packs of bricks and Tumps are available from Komarc Games, as specified in the robust instruction pamphlet. 


  • None!

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