TruBliss Sweetli Calm Bassinet Review

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Editor's Review

No longer will you have to rock your baby to sleep thanks to the Tru Bliss Sweetli Calm Bassinet.  The Sweetli weighs about 13 pounds and comes in two colors: Wheat Melange and Sage Fern Leaves. We’re reviewing the Wheat Melange one today. It’s for babies that weigh up to 18 pounds; be sure to discontinue using it if your child is pushing up on their knees. The Sweetli has an extra-deep, fully-covered sleeping area with mesh sides that provide added visibility so you can keep an eye on your little one as they snooze. It comes with a sheet that’s machine washable. It’s a padded, vinyl-covered foam mattress pad that lets your baby be cozy all night long and it has a canopy that’s removable and adjustable. The two compartment storage basket holds all of your baby’s nighttime necessities and its wheels make it easy to move around your home. Sweetli’s state-of-the-art technology with Cry Recognition soothes your little one to sleep with soft music and comforting vibration. It can be automated to turn on at the sound of your baby’s cry, triggering the mobile, music and/or vibration to help calm the baby for a peaceful return to sleep. The Play2Sleep™ Mobile features many options to help soothe and comfort your baby: it includes music, twinkling lights, spinning deluxe toys, vibration and a soft-glow night light. I loved the vibrating feature on it! We would move the bassinet to the living room so we could watch Ryder without a monitor and the vibrating feature helped soothe him to sleep while there was a ton of noise around him. Ryder is starting to roll over in the middle of the night and the mesh sides gave us a peace of mind that he won’t have any trouble breathing through it. Plus the mobile gave Ryder something to look at and I loved that I could plug it in and start using it right away. However, there were only two choices for the sounds and they felt kind of aggressive and not very soothing. We like the sounds to be loud so we can drown out the surrounding sounds (dogs barking, vacuuming, or the kids playing), but when the mobile sounds were on high, it didn’t feel very peaceful.

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Should I get it?

We loved how modern it looks but depending on how fast your child grows, they could grow out of it before they are pushing up on their knees.


  • The vibrating feature will help soothe your baby to sleep with ease.
  • The mesh sides let you keep an eye on your child so it gives you peace of mind as they sleep. 


  • The sounds on the mobile can be quite aggressive when set on high. 

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