TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet Review

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Editor's Review

The Evi Smart Bassinet has a contemporary and high-end design, solid wood base in walnut finish, and premium-structured super soft bamboo fabric. The sleeping area features high sides and a deep design for enhanced security.

The bassinet has many features to help your loved one soothe. The 4 music choices include calming nature, womb sounds, guitar lullabies, and classical music. The nightlight offers 2 modes with brightness control: it can be either always on ambient-light or running ambient-sensory-lights. The auto-glide side-to-side motion has multi and adjustable speeds.

Its motion, light, and sound features easily connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or through its mobile app Smart Life. If you chose to use the smart home device, you say: “Alexa, turn on night light”, “Adjust brightness”, “Turn on auto-glider”, and more. If you choose to use the free app, you can switch the Bliss Bassinet on and off, as well as control the lights, music, and slider settings. The app also has a timer setting to schedule the features of Bliss Bassinet coinciding with your baby’s sleep patterns. For instance, if you know your baby cries as soon as she wakes up after her nap at 4 pm every day; scheduling music for 4 pm each day can make your life way easier. Or the timer could be set for switching the Bassinet on or off at fixed times. How convenient!

TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet

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The removable large storage basket provides easy access for mom and dad and it is ideal for your baby’s favorite toys, changing items, and more.

You can use Alexa, Google home, or the free app to control the bassinet features.

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